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Bridges a Positive Coparenting Program

By Cheryl Burke, PsyD, LMHC

Mom.                      Children.                         Dad

Create parenting plan

Agreement between parents

  1. Focus on the new relationship as coparents
  2. Identify and establish coparenting rules and boundaries
  3. Practice parenting team collaboration not child parent team manipulation
  4. Practice flexibility and consideration and focus on the best interest of the children
  5. Remain in the parent role : protect, teach, guide, role model, support and nurture
  6. Remain focused on parenting objectives using positive parenting

Create parenting objectives

  1. teach: to be responsible, honest,appreciative, empathetic, respectful, considerate, kind, aware, forgiving etc.
  2. Support and nurture: demonstration of empathy kindness consideration positive parenting positive reinforcement
  3. Guide: movement and encouragement towards autonomy building solid foundation self-esteem
  4. Role modeling: demonstrating positive communication problem-solving skills and healthy relationship skills
  5. Protect: Learning to make good decisions
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