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What to do when I have lost my connection with my child?


Reunification therapy (RT) is a form of intensive family therapy that is frequently court-ordered when a parent-child connection has been somehow disrupted and has culminated in a child refusing to spend time with one parent during a separation of parents or after a divorce. There are many circumstances that can lead to one parent being a “ preferred parent” and the other being a “rejected parent.”

Some of the factors that can contribute to one parent being favored and on being rejected include:

  • Emotionally and or physically traumatic conflict during marriage and after the divorce

  • Mental health issues from one or both parents

  • Substance and alcohol abuse

  • Aggressive and constant litigation

  • Lack of healthy/positive Coparenting

  • A disrespectful abusive parent to the other parent and or children

  • Unhealthy codependency or enmeshment between a parent/child

  • Poor parenting skills-rejected parent

  • Alienation by the favored parent to rejected parent, goal to disconnect the children from the “bad parent”

  • Personality differences between the child and rejected parent

  • Family dynamics

  • There is much research that suggests that disconnections in parent/child relationships negatively impact children in many ways.

Please reach out here with questions or to schedule a consultation.

-Dr Burke

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